Relyon Montpellier Latex Pillow Top Superking Divan Set 2 Drawers

The Relyon Montpellier Latex Pillow Top Superking Divan Set features a boat top mattress which provides superb levels of comfort. Upholstered with body hugging natural latex for a luxurious yet supportive feel, this great mattress features springs that are specially pocketed to allow individual movement. The upper layer of springs shape to the contours of your body, whilst the lower layer absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support. The firm perimeter support adds strength to the edge of the mattress, allowing you to use the whole surface of the mattress as a sleeping area. Filled with luxurious layers of cashmere and silk fibres, as well as an anti-microbial layer of latex, the mattress is hand tufted to ensure all loose fillings are secured, providing the perfect finish to your mattress.

£ 1 579.99

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